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E-Parking Management System

Author : Nurjannah Nonci

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Nurjannah Nonci

The development of Makassar City, which from year to year increasingly signals changes to the lifestyle of the community, the increased use of vehicles, and community mobilization from one place to another is parallel to the community's need for land or parking space. This has triggered the emergence of many illegal parking lots spread across Makassar especially on the side of public roads, shop fronts, offices, and others which are the leading causes of traffic jams in Makassar. The purpose of this research is to regulate parking management as a whole from all stakeholders, to change manual parking into e-parking so that it is more controlled, controlled, and transparent. This study uses the Nvivo analysis research method in a qualitative approach to explaining the problem of management of e-parking in cities with a data coding model. The data in the research were obtained through the online media of the South Sulawesi Province by selecting news about parking in Makassar. Out of the 717 parking points in Makassar, only a small proportion use e-parking. It is because the parking lot in Makassar City is not well controlled. There is no equitable management carried out by the government so that many parking attendants do illegal parking.

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