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Implementasi Program Gernas Kakao

Author : Nurjannah Nonci

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Nurjannah Nonci

The Gernas Kakao program is a national/government program that aims to increase the production and productivity of cocoa plants to support the domestic cocoa processing industry while increasing the income of cocoa farmers. SE cocoa seeds are one of the aid packages in addition to production facilities provided to farmers in cocoa plant rejuvenation activities, in addition to rehabilitation activities (side joints) and intensification. SE (Somatic Embryogenesis) cocoa seeds are not new cocoa clones but superior cocoa planting material propagated through somatic embryogenesis (SE) technology used for rejuvenation activities in Gernas Cocoa. Cocoa development efforts are faced with various obstacles, including (1) crop productivity below normal potential; (2) the presence of various pest attacks that are difficult for individual farmers to control; (3) low seed quality; (4) the domestic downstream industry has not developed so that it is still in the form of primary products; (5) The difficulty of farmers obtaining special funding for cocoa development. So far, various efforts have been made to improve these conditions such as empowering farmers through Integrated Pest Control Field Schools (SL-PHT) and the Economic Togetherness System (SKE), as well as the application of control technology with PSPsP methods (pruning, sanitation, frequent harvesting and fertilization) for PBK and VSD control and the provision of superior seeds. Given that the implementation is still partial on a small scale, the results are not optimal. Therefore, these activities need to be carried out simultaneously, integrated and comprehensive through a movement that involves all stakeholders and existing resources. The cocoa production and quality improvement program is implemented by improving the productivity of cocoa plants through the National Movement for Improving Cocoa Production and Quality (Gernas Kakao) carried out by rejuvenating, rehabilitating, intensifying cocoa plants. This activity is carried out at the location of cocoa centers in Indonesia, especially on the island of Sulawesi which is a producer of about 60% of national cocoa production.

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