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Digitalization Era: Website Based E-Government

Author : Hariyanti Hamid

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Hariyanti Hamid

The problem in this research is that public services are still manual because the websites in each agency are still inadequate to provide online services, the condition of the website cannot be accessed, many pages are blank and the news displayed is not up to date, this indicates that the website of the agency from The Regional Work Units in Enrekang Regency has not met the standards set by Diskominfo in 2017. The purpose of this study is to see the quality of the website in terms of transparency, effectiveness, and efficiency. Moreover, to see the role of social media in the application of website- based e-government in the Enrekang District Work Unit (SKPD). Research using quantitative methods. The data in the study used online media from the Enrekang Regency website by looking at specific criteria from the agency website of the Regional Work Unit. The technique for calculating existing data is that if there is data available, it will be given a score of 1 and if the information is not available on the website it will be given a score of 0. The results of this study, the websites of local government agencies, are not transparent, ineffective, and inefficient. The role of social media is also not influential because there is no feedback provided by the government on input and questions given by the public.

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