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Food Policy and Its Impact on Local Food

Author : Ahmad Mustanir

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Ahmad Mustanir

This study analyzes food policy in relation to the existence of local food. This policy, among others, regulates availability, affordability, food institutions and community participation. Solving food availability is done by creating food reserves (central government level, regional government and community). Food reserves can be obtained from domestic production and food imports. Domestic food availability is carried out intensively through diversification of food proclaimed by the government through diversification of food based on local resources. This effort is expected to have a significant impact on the existence of local food, but its implementation up to seven years ago, the existence of local food still cannot occupy the expected position. The deterioration experienced due to past policies that led to the emergence of rice as the main food supremacy of the community, has not yet been restored. And, moreover, the position of imported food, which is increasingly not easily dammed. This study strengthens the analysis above by discussing the existence of local food for example corn, sago or sweet potatoes.

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