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Participatory Rural Appraisal in Deliberations of Development Planning

Author : Ahmad Mustanir

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Ahmad Mustanir

This research is essential to understand the use of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) method in deliberations of development planning. The result of observation showed that the activity of deliberations of development planning has not worked optimally. It is due to the unclear usage of tools to seek the priority activity based on the finding problems. The proposals more likely came from observation instead of the results of research from each field and subject. The proposals mostly were brought by people who have influence or close relation with apparatus of village government. The society was not involved widely in digging the problems. With PRA method, deliberations of village development planning are expected to be more participative conducted with the wide involvement of society based on their own background field. With such problem and objective, it will give benefit in figuring out thee application of PRA method in deliberations of development planning. In order to achieve the objective, the methods needed to be conducted are observation, interview, and literature study. The result of the research showed that the application of PRA method has not been work optimally. The application of PRA is limited within direct deliberations of development planning in village level without involving the wide society starting from the lowest level like group of society or neighborhood association (RT). Deliberation to determine the development proposal has not been through problem analysing process through study in related field. However, it only listens to ideas of the present society

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